At Leon Springs CrossFit, we help regular everyday people like you and me get the results they are looking for from feeling better to having more energy to just plain looking better!  Here are some of our members' success stories:

 "I have learned SO much and am so thankful for LSCF!! The coaches and members are so friendly and helpful--it really is a family! Thank you for cultivating such a wonderful place to grow physically, emotionally and socially! Your dedication to improving peoples lives is so evident! Thank you for all that you do for the members of LSCF!!" 
                                                                                - Kelsie Schneid

"The coaches and staff at Leon Springs CrossFit are truly the best! Not only are they incredible athletes and extremely knowledgable, they are caring and approachable.  There is no judgement, only encouragement and a willingness to meet everyone at the level they are at with easier modifications for a beginner and more challenging moves for the total badass."
                                                                                -Rachel Davila   

"It's amazing how much the encouragement and coaching this amazing gym has given me both physically and emotionally.  Next year I'll be bragging about how I've conquered a pull up without a band and a full push up!  Join me in the fun ... YOU CAN DO IT!  If I can at 50 so can you!"
                                                                                -Stacy Dinwiddie
"I'm so thankful for my Leon Springs CrossFit community; my only regret is that I didn't join LSCF sooner! I've already lost 25 lbs and over 12 inches."                                   
                                                                                -Rafael Lozano

"The lifestyle changes I've been able to implement over the past few months will serve to improve my life for years and years to come.  Thank you LSCF for making such a huge impact on me." Update: "I've not only lost 80 lbs and have put on lean muscle mass, I continue to hit personal records on my lifts, including 490 lb dead lift.  CrossFit has become such a lifestyle that I got my Level 1 CrossFit Trainer certificate and coach at LSCF regularly.  I can say with honesty after visiting 30 or more boxes across the country, LSCF is unique in that they truly care about each person's goals (not just the rock stars) and the environment there is the most welcoming I have experienced!"
                                                                                -Kevin Walker

 "I felt an instant connection with LSCF the first day I attended a class.  Everyone was friendly, the workout was intense but fun, and the coaches worked with the fitness level I was at.  Since then I have seen steady progress and gains.  I'm so glad I made the decision to join LSCF."
                                                                                -Erica Gentry

  "I was brought in by a banner advertising a discounted rate so I decided to give it my all for 60 days.  The coaches genuinely care about your experience, safety, and getting the most out of the day's workout. The comradery of the members and coaches cheering you on to lift the extra rep to simple pitching in and helping put your weights away is's a different kind of place here in a really good way."
                                                                                -James West

   "I'm older, not quite in the best shape, and have always gotten hurt exercising in the past.  I've always felt limited to what I can do to keep in shape and stay fit.  It's easy to say 'I can't' because of these things, but I've decided to focus on what 'I can' do.  Participating in the nutrition challenge helped me develop a plan to overcome my obstacles and my crazy travel schedule.  I lost 12 lbs and 7 inches in just 35 days! The coaches check in with me and make me track my food.  My body is healthy and I feel great! And my golf game has improved and I'm more consistent now and don't tire out!"
                                                                                -Mico Rodriguez

   "I cannot articulate how thankful I am to train with some of the most amazing men and women in San Antonio.  Leon Springs CrossFit has motivated me to regain the athletic state I had while in push myself further, to lift a little heavier. I am so impressed  by the passion each coach has to help not only me but every other member at the box.  Their knowledge and ability to connect with me and so many other different types of people is awesome!  LSCF is a very and attentive gym with each coach recognizing my limits and strengths and helping me be the best version of me I can." 
                                                                                -Aires Cade

   "I've tried working out on my own but kids, work and life always seem to get in the way.  I finally decided to stop the cycle of excuses and I called Leon Springs CrossFit and spoke with Coach Rita.  She encouraged me to just come in and try it for free so I did.  The coaches are caring and encourage you even when you don't believe in yourself.  I participated in their nutrition challenge and realized just how unhealthy my eating habits were.  I lost over 16 lbs, more than 9 inches and 3.2% body fat in just 30 days by eating clean and taking classes at LSCF!  I know I have found my home and support system here, and just recently my husband joined too!"
                                                                                -Christina Garanzuay

    "The coaches are very encouraging at helping me reach my strength and nutritional goals.  Every coach is truly committed to a fit and healthy lifestyle and is willing to share what has worked for them."
                                                                                -Lynette Brehm

    "I'd never have thought that crossfit was for someone like me.  I went to LSCF on a whim and after just one challenging and humbling WOD, I was hooked!  What I love about crossfit is that every day I leave the box feeling accomplished and stronger."
                                                                                -Melissa Barber
    "I definitely have seen improvement in my body, but more importantly I see changes in my approach to decision-making and self-discipline that will help me be a better individual, a better husband, a better father, and a better part of my community."
                                                                                -Deets Finley
    "In the first few months I gained 7lbs of muscle and dropped a dress size.  I am in better shape than when I was in my twenties and can do things that I used to rely on my husband for.  I feel stronger and healthier not only in a physical manner but mentally as well.  I have learned how and gained the desire to live a healthier lifestyle for myself and to be a better role model for my girls."
                                                                                -Amy Graham

   "I've been working out at LSCF for over a year.  
I can honestly say this is by far the best fitness experience for me.  CrossF
it could be for anyone, even those people who have never picked up a weight.  For me,
 I found a group of women that motivate and encourage me and keep me accountable to show up and give it my best every time. I've been getting stronger than I ever imagines and if it wasn't for the coaches and my friends I've made at LSCF, I wouldn't be RXing some of the workouts.  I'm excited to see the progress with my personal records and my physical appearance as well.  I've lost a lot of weight and have gained a great deal of muscle.  Thanks to the coaches and the owners of LSCF for all they do to keep me coming back."                     -Diane Rodriguez    

"The coaches do an amazing job instructing the proper form each and every day.  They do this for everyone, even those who have been doing it for years.  A new person will never feel discouraged, as all members are encouraging and want to help."
                                                              -Gina Evans

   "CrossFit is a total game changer for me.  Ironically, I didn't think CrossFit was for me.  I made a deal with my wife that I would try it with her for 1 month.  Being a competitive person, I initially hated how much I struggled but then quickly realized that I was getting stronger, fitter, and healthier.  Then through coaches teaching and encouraging us to do the nutrition challenge, we started Paleo and our bodies transformed! Now I leave work ON TIME so that I can make it to the box.  I'm in the best shape of my life and in my 40s with two girls ages 8 & 9.  It feels amazing!"                            
                                                                                -Bob Noriega

   "Since starting CrossFit over 10 months ago, I've felt so much stronger.  I feel like I have more energy and more work/life balance thanks to LSCF.  It's definitely become a way of life for not only myself but for our entire family!  Our kids even love to go to CrossFit Kids each week, and they are very proud to tell their friends, cousins and even their music director.  We've really enjoyed our CrossFit family at Leon Springs CrossFit!"       
                                                                                -Gayle Noriega

   "I can't believe that I am an athlete now. Wow!  I've work hard at my WODs, but I've always loved to eat.  The coaches and my fellow CrossFitter friends here pushed me to do the nutrition challenge and help me learn how to clean it up.  I committed fully Paleo.  I got the Hydrostatic Body Composition test that Rita brings in as an option for us and I can't believe that I am in the 'Athlete' category.  Overall, I lost weight, but I gained a lot of muscle too.  My body fat is just below 20% and now at the age of 40, I am the healthiest I have ever been!  Thank you LSCF for everything you do to get REAL RESULTS for REAL PEOPLE!"                                                       
                                                                                -Carolyn Stateczny  

"Community is such a huge part of crossfit.  One of the things I love about LSCF is the supportive family like environment.  I have more confidence in what I can do physically both in and out of the box."
                                                                                -Jessica Schaefer

   "The coaches and members are very welcoming and encouraging.  I really love how the coaches work with us individually and give us the attention we need.  If we have a question or need help on our form or technique, they are always helpful and I never feel out of place in a class. I'm always excited to go back to my LSCF family."                                            -Bobby Calhoun   

"I started by not being able to run more than a few hundred yards and pushed myself to complete the Alamo 13.1.  I feel that crossfit makes me stronger and gives me the confidence that I need to realize that I can accomplish anything."
                                                                                -Vanessa Warzecha

    "Being a wife and a mother to a 19 and 3 year old, it is my desire to live a long, healthy life in order to enjoy the most important thing to me, my family.  If you are a person of action that feels strongly about your health, you should not hesitate to join LSCF."
                                                                                -Maggie Reynolds