5-Week Fall Nutrition Challenge Coming Soon!

Free Nutrition Seminar:                             Saturday, Sept. 16th, 10a-11a

Nutrition Challenge Dates:                       Monday, Sept. 25 - Saturday, Oct. 28

Hydrostatic Body Composition Test:      Monday, Oct. 30, 4p-7p

Winners Announced:                                 Friday, Nov. 3, 6:30 p 

 Below are the links to the information sheets with details as well as the forms you need for this Nutrition Challenge. You can also sign up for the Hydrostatic Body Composition test to learn your real lean muslce mass and body fat percentage.  

Fall Nutrition Challenge Details Sheet (includes due dates, prizes and more info)

(PDF version doesn't allow you to enter in your photos or numbers but you will be able to see what measurements you need to record)

(PDF version doesn't allow you to enter in your photos or numbers, please email these things, but you will be able to see what measurements you need to send in)

                      (Tells you where and how to measure tricky spots and what kind of photos to take; please read first)

Previous Summer Beach Body Challenge Results

                                                                 Congratulations to our Summer Beach Body Challenge Winners!

3rd place – Jennifer Wittman (from KB class); Prime example of how your weight can stay the same but body composition changes. Already in really good shape but lost 2.2 inches & looks even better!

2nd place – Bridgit Mennite (from KB class); learned a lot of nutrition info at our seminar & put those tips into practice; got amazing     results…lost 6 lbs & 3.5 inches! Great testimonial about how she now has changed her outlook on nutrition and feels great as a result! Knowledge = power = results!

    1st place – Jennifer Powers (dedicated 6:30 pm CFer); lost over 5 lbs & 5.5 inches!  Like most women as they age and after kids, hormones get out                 of whack and the body struggles with losing weight.  Jenn was there and wanted those few extra lbs gone. She worked very hard these last 30 days                 and fine-tuned her diet more & continued to work out regularly & that made the difference.  Her abs look tight!                                                                               

Previous Challenge Results

Congratulations to our WINNERS!

1st Place: Carolyn Stateczny

Lost 10 lbs, 9 inches & 3.8% body fat

2nd Place: Ashley Gonzenbach

Lost 6 lbs, 6 inches & nearly 1% body fat

3rd Place: Rachel Davila

Lost 6 lbs, 6 inches & 3.6% body fat!

Honorable Mention:  Mico Rodriguez 

Lost 12 lbs & 7 inches!

Food logs & references are at the bottom of the page!

Scoring Criteria

  • Deadlines will be enforced due to the valuable prizes awarded.
  • Refer to the above links for Challenge Details which includes deadlines and forms needed.

Winners & Prizes

  • Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 Scorers (sample list of prizes include):
    • CASH Prize!!! (TBD)
    • Airrosti Treatment
    • 60 minute massage
    • Fit Aid Beverages
    • Formula O2 Beverages
    • First Course Salad Kitchen

Paleo References

The Basics

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