Coach Rita Kellogg
is a Texas native, and grew up right down the road in Boerne, TX. She attended the University of Texas in Austin, where she earned a BA with Honors in Psychology and Speech Communications along with a Secondary Teaching Certification. While in Austin, Rita met her husband (married for 14 years now) and started a family.

Prior to becoming a CrossFit coach, her career spanned from coaching Middle School girls' volleyball & basketball to working as a very successful Advertising Account Manager in radio. After her second child, her husband’s career brought them to San Antonio, where she was a stay at home mom for a few years taking care of her 2 girls.  During that period, she discovered CrossFit, and that's where this amazing journey began!

Rita’s passion for fitness and nutrition runs in her blood – her father owned several health food and vitamin stores here in San Antonio for 30 years. Once she found CrossFit, it changed her life. Like most CrossFitters, she was amazed at the level of overall fitness she was able to achieve, including shedding weight from 2 babies.  The friendships you make through your CrossFit gym is so unique and helps you stay accountable and keeps it fun.  She became a Coach in 2010 and has been helping others achieve their fitness and lifestyle goals ever since!

* Level 1 CrossFit Trainer            * CrossFit Rowing Trainer            *CrossFit Kettle Bell Trainer

* CrossFit Kids Trainer                * CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer    * Group Fitness Instructor                   



Coach Slade Kellogg
is a Texas native from Houston. Yes - he's both a Texans fan in Cowboy country, and a Rocket's fan in Spurs land. He attended the University of Texas in Austin, where he earned a BA in Economics.  He has been in the financial services industry his entire working career and is both a Chartered Financial Analyst charterholder and a Certified Financial Planner practitioner.  Slade is currently employed with USAA as a Regional Consultant in the Member Experience organization and is responsible for helping make USAA's financial advisors the best they can be.

Slade is married to Coach Rita for over 14 years now and has developed his own passion for CrossFit after Rita wouldn't stop talking about how awesome it is!  He has joined forces with her as co-owner of Leon Springs CrossFit, and as a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, he shares his love of fitness, strength building and nutrition with our members. Be prepared for an eclectic mix of heart pounding hard rock, electronica, and alternative if you run across him in the gym!

* Level 1 CrossFit Trainer            * Powerlifting Trainer            * CrossFit Rowing Trainer



Coach Kevin Walker,
hile not a Texas native, has lived the vast majority of his life in the Lone Star state since his parents settled in San Antonio.  He is a West Point graduate who spent 10 years on active duty prior to leaving the service in 2002.  Kevin struggled with maintaining a consistent exercise regimen following his departure from the military until he decided to try CrossFit in April 2011. 

Kevin didn't realize that CrossFit would have had such a profound impact on his life physically, mentally, and emotionally.  From learning new eating habits that helped him shed over 70 lbs in 2 years, to fine tuning his lifts and movements, he truly has embraced the CrossFit community and all it has to offer.   Kevin's friendly personality and journey with CrossFit and nutrition makes him relate-able to many and motivating to all. He continues to work hard towards hitting new PRs.  Having spent many years coaching his now grown children in various sports, Kevin is excited to be able to bring his love of coaching to the CrossFit community to help others reach their goals.  

* Level 1 CrossFit Trainer        *CrossFit Power Lifting Trainer        * CrossFit KettleBell Trainer              *CrossFit Kids Trainer        


Coach Franco Mattera
 is a Level 1 Trainer and has been a member of LSCF for over 2 years.  You'll have to wake up early to catch him though as he only typically coaches the 5:30 AM class.  You'll be wide awake though after his class and his warm latin charm! Everybody loves Franco!  Franco is married and has 2 beautiful little ones! 


 Coach Cliff Thomas is a Level 1 Trainer and has been a member of LSCF for over 2 years as an "Original Garage Crew Member".  Cliff is married and stays busy with their 3  children   and his job.  Yet another Super Dad Coach that LSCF is glad to have on board!


Diana Simmons, 
Assistant Coach & Assistant, has been a member of LSCF for almost 2 years.  Her love for LSCF is deep and wide.  Diana has become a solid CrossFit athlete and her friendly disposition means she's never met a stranger.  She makes everyone feel so welcome here, so much so that she's in charge of our Ambassador Program for new members.  She is a genuine person who truly cares about people and LSCF. Diana is married to Tyler, a rock star member and has 2 furry babies to love on.