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  Stop putting off your health and fitness because you are too busy or too afraid! YOU CAN DO THIS! Normal everyday people are here at LSCF starting and staying in great shape! Read their comments on our testimonials page.

If you are serious about getting results and having a friendly community to cheer you on and help you stay accountable, then come try your 1st CrossFIt Class FREE!  Text us at (210) 628-9468 to let us know which class time you plan to attend.  See ya soon!


Every 2nd Saturday of the Month 
9 am - Free Community Workout
10:15 am - Free Community Yoga

$59 - Unlimited Classes
(1st month only. Includes Yoga classes to.)

* Fun yet Challenging
* Results-Driven
* Strength and Conditioning
* New Workouts Every Class

Ages 13+ and all levels will LOVE this class!
Classes vary from 30, 45, & 60 min.

5:15 AM, 9 AM, 5:30 PM & 6 PM
Boot Camp, Kettle Bell Pump, Ab Blast, Totally Tabata & Glute Camp

Classes are held at Mind Body Yoga & Fitness Studio (next door).


Come experience the health benefits of YOGA!  This low impact, core stabilizing alternative is great for everyone!  Class sizes are small; the studio is tranquil and cozy; and the instructors are highly rated by our clients.

For more information about pricing and to view the class schedule for Yoga, go to:

We ask that you text, call or email to let us know which class you plan to attend.  We start right on time, so please arrive at least 5-10 minutes before class time to fill out some paperwork and meet your coach. We do everything together as a class, and the Coach will explain and demonstrate each segment of the class. We want to make sure you have a great first experience here at LSCF, so your Coach might modify or scale the programming to ensure your safety and to accomodate your fitness level and any limitations you might have.

What is CrossFit?

What is CrossFit?


You’ve most likely heard of CrossFit, the popular and, yes, WAY hard workout program that promises to get you into super great shape in a short amount of time by focusing on high-intensity interval training. But even though it’s such a crowd favorite these days, there actually haven’t been any scientific studies to see if the program works…until now.
Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse’s exercise physiology program tracked 16 healthy volunteers who did two Cross-Training style workouts, Donkey Kong and Fran (side note: obsessed with those names). The results? The women burned just over 12 calories per minute, and maintained an “elevated heart rate throughout the entire workout,” which is basically a fancy fitness way of saying that they passed the test—that is, they satisfied fitness industry guidelines for cardio workouts.

Contact Information

Rita Kellogg
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer,
Kettle Bell Trainer, Olympic Lifting Trainer, Rowing Trainer, & Kids Trainer
(210) 628-9468

READY TO COME TRY YOUR FIRST CROSSFIT CLASS FOR FREE! Please text us first to let us know which class time you plan to attend.  Also, bring your signed waiver to your first class. CLICK HERE TO PRINT A WAIVER.


Leon Springs CrossFit provides personal attention and motivation in teaching like-minded professionals of all industries and busy moms how to safely and effectively perform CrossFit movements.  Our focus is on mechanics (form), consistency, and intensity, in that order, which GUARANTEES desired fitness RESULTS in the least amount of time. 

$25 Refer a Friend Program for Members
  • As an existing member, when you refer a friend and they sign up as a new member, you'll receive a $25 credit on your next month's membership dues.* 
* New member  must include existing member's name on their initial information sheet in order to receive credit. No multiple credits for the same person. Friend must sign up for a recurring membership; punch cards and month to month purchases do not qualify.